June 4, 2008


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Today has been a tough day for me. In general while being here, I have felt okay with our roomates and the other families living around us. This week has been quite different. I have felt singled out as the one who gets a little drug through the mud or made an example of. I feel as if they listen and wait for me to say something and then twinge at my words. I feel that they are taken in a way that isn’t what I was trying to say. We are suppose to be drawing closer in our groups but I feel that I am closing up.

I loved how at home people loved and understood us. My words were understood and their meaning was comprehended. I can’t imagine when we move out of the country how much I will miss being understood and loved for who I am in the Lord, not for what I am not yet.

I thank God for these hard days because He is gracious enough to work on me bit by bit. Piece by piece. Molding all the while continously reshaping me into the creation He desires me to be. My part is to sit on the potter’s wheel and to not jump off while He fashions me. It is so easy for me to jump of into my feelings and partake in sinful acts instead of bringing Him glory. Oh Lord keep me back from sin.


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