December 1, 2007


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It amazes me at how comfortable we as Christians get in our everyday lives. We do our daily routine and take care of the necessities. Some of us even read our Bible daily and live out our faith. Yet, there is one major issue we are missing! What could be missing? Ah, the most important thing after loving and following God is loving others. We all in our prideful states become puffed up and say I love people. We begin to justify how we love others and how we have held our tongue instead of giving them the piece of our mind we wanted to. We as Christians are content to love people at a distance. Yet, I know that myself and many other Christians are missing the mark!

Do we really love others? When is the last time you actually shared with someone your faith? When is the last time you supported a missionary on the field struggling to accomplish the great commission? When is the last time you thought if I don’t share with this personwhat Christ has done and tell them how to be saved they will spend ETERNITY IN HELL and away from God. Why are we so content to live out our daily lives not being obedient to God?

Everyday as a Christian that passes we are closer to Heaven while the opposite is true for those who don’t know Christ. Every second that passes is a step closer to Hell for them. Won’t you reach out and tell someone that God loves them. Why not share with someone today that simple fact. As we share this the simple truth that God does love them it will open up doors to share the gospel. If we are actively seeking ways to be a witness God will actively place people in your life to share the good news of Christ with them.

Lets be active today in others ETERNITY!


November 29, 2007

Genesis 3

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Although Adam and Eve fell into the temptation of sin, we should remember God will help us to overcome temptation if we ask for His help. Read Genesis 3. The Serpent, Satan, began by questioning what God had told Adam. Eve was then tempted (in verse six) when she saw that the tree was good, desirable, and the fruit would make her wise. As Christians we need to check every thought we have, and see if it goes along with God’s Word. Satan deceived Eve by telling her the truth as well as a lie. It was true that they would know the difference between good and evil, but if they disobeyed God there would be a penalty, death. They were allowed to eat from all the trees except one. Eve believed that by disobeying God it would make her happier than obeying Him. Sin was brought into the world because they ate from the tree going against God. Look at verse seven “they now knew they were naked.” There would be consequences because they had sinned. God was coming to spend time with them but now there would have to be a penalty for their sins. Jesus would later pay that price. They were no longer allowed to be in the Garden of Eden due to their sins.There is no point in trying to hide your sins from God, it is impossible. In turn, she and Adam suffered the consequences, yet God still loved and cared for them. He made them clothes from animals, which seems a lot more comfortable than fig leaves! That is God loving us and caring for us despite how we hurt and disappoint Him.

In the garden they were allowed to eat from every single tree but one. Notice in verse two that the word “trees” is plural. The other trees were also pleasant to the eyes and good for fruit. God didn’t put the tree there and say, “Okay, it is here to tempt you.” No, God had given them plenty of good things, because He is good. God created us with a free will to worship Him. Many of us have struggled with why God would create something He knew would mess up and choose to sin. God desires true worship and praise from us. He wants us to praise Him as God because we have come to the realization that He truly deserves it. Remember, He wants a true intimate relationship with you.

Take a few minutes and examine your heart. Is there any sin you are trying to cover up with the fig leaves? Do you pretend you are okay and that you don’t need Him? God is waiting for us. Whenever we are open and naked by confessing our sins it restores our relationship with Him. He is ready to remove the uncomfortable fig leaves and cover us in fur. Why don’t you say or write out a prayer confessing any sin in your life, and allow God’s forgiveness to wash over you.