November 29, 2007


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I am sure I am not alone when I claim I was about to be a hairless homeschool mother. Most people think I am nuts to homeschool anyways so becoming a bald young mother won’t make me too much farther out there. I truly did feel that I was about to pull my hair out as I was teaching my youngest to read. Lets see we had tears, fussing, and him saying he couldn’t possible read these words I had in front of him. Feeling myself becoming discouraged I went to my room, shut the door, and hit the floor. Why? No, I wasn’t about to throw a fit of equivalent size to my son but rather to go to my Father and ask him to help me. I had only a few seconds to ask God to help me before there was fussing outside my door. I picked myself off the floor with a renewed commitment as to why I homeschool. I don’t homeschool because it is fun, I think my kids will be smarter, or for any other reason than I believe it is what God wants personally for my family.

We sat back down at the table and I was about to help him and out spurts the sounds of the letters and he sounds out the majority of the words before him. Agh! I won’t have to be bald after all. I can simply rest in God and allow Him to see me through the small and large task of the day!