June 4, 2008


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Today has been a tough day for me. In general while being here, I have felt okay with our roomates and the other families living around us. This week has been quite different. I have felt singled out as the one who gets a little drug through the mud or made an example of. I feel as if they listen and wait for me to say something and then twinge at my words. I feel that they are taken in a way that isn’t what I was trying to say. We are suppose to be drawing closer in our groups but I feel that I am closing up.

I loved how at home people loved and understood us. My words were understood and their meaning was comprehended. I can’t imagine when we move out of the country how much I will miss being understood and loved for who I am in the Lord, not for what I am not yet.

I thank God for these hard days because He is gracious enough to work on me bit by bit. Piece by piece. Molding all the while continously reshaping me into the creation He desires me to be. My part is to sit on the potter’s wheel and to not jump off while He fashions me. It is so easy for me to jump of into my feelings and partake in sinful acts instead of bringing Him glory. Oh Lord keep me back from sin.


June 3, 2008

All tongues shall confess…

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Romans 14: 11 “…every knee shall bow to Me, and every tongue shall confess to God.”

How beautiful it has been to hear the tongues confessing that Christ is Lord! Being around other believers from different places all around the world has been an extreme blessing to me. Hearing them pray to God in their heart language has touched me and opened me to see things I hadn’t seen before.

We were going around the room praying and a woman from Spain began praying. She started off by saying in Spanish- I love you Lord… she paused… and preceded to speak in words I couldn’t understand but I was moved to tears. Her slowness and the sincerity were teaching me how to pray.

Today, as I sat in a meeting with three different  other nationalities besides American again I was moved. Listening to prayers being lifted up in Korean. Last night we had an African Worship and the custom was to pray all at the same time. How awesome that the God of the universe understands us all uniquely and knows us intimately. I am amazed at how beautiful we are made and the simple prayers of other believers point me closer to Him and increase my desire to know Him more intimately.

What a great God we (all nations, tribes, and tongues) serve!

December 1, 2007


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It amazes me at how comfortable we as Christians get in our everyday lives. We do our daily routine and take care of the necessities. Some of us even read our Bible daily and live out our faith. Yet, there is one major issue we are missing! What could be missing? Ah, the most important thing after loving and following God is loving others. We all in our prideful states become puffed up and say I love people. We begin to justify how we love others and how we have held our tongue instead of giving them the piece of our mind we wanted to. We as Christians are content to love people at a distance. Yet, I know that myself and many other Christians are missing the mark!

Do we really love others? When is the last time you actually shared with someone your faith? When is the last time you supported a missionary on the field struggling to accomplish the great commission? When is the last time you thought if I don’t share with this personwhat Christ has done and tell them how to be saved they will spend ETERNITY IN HELL and away from God. Why are we so content to live out our daily lives not being obedient to God?

Everyday as a Christian that passes we are closer to Heaven while the opposite is true for those who don’t know Christ. Every second that passes is a step closer to Hell for them. Won’t you reach out and tell someone that God loves them. Why not share with someone today that simple fact. As we share this the simple truth that God does love them it will open up doors to share the gospel. If we are actively seeking ways to be a witness God will actively place people in your life to share the good news of Christ with them.

Lets be active today in others ETERNITY!